Player to Player

“If you have a good relationship with your team, you’re going to be better. If you make a mistake, there’s somebody behind you to make it up for you.”

Division 2 Infielder/Pitcher, PA

“Work hard. Don’t learn how to fail, but be open to failure. I failed a lot at the beginning and then I started getting things. Just don’t beat yourself up too much.”

Division 1 Outfielder, CA

“[Keep] everything in line and in order. Being able to set a schedule is huge for me. Have a plan going into every day.”

Division 1 Infielder, PA

“Visit the school before making the decision. Talk to current players about the program and the school. Talk to the coach about how he thinks you’ll fit in with the program.”

“Playing at the junior college level can be a good decision because you get more playing time and more time to decide where you want to go.”