KPB Donor Appreciation: 40 Man Roster & Hall of Fame

Thank You For Joining Our Team!

At Keep Playing Baseball, we are working to provide every high school player with the knowledge and skills needed to make playing college baseball a reality. Due to your generous support, we are able to provide these resources free to anyone who needs it. No sign-ups, no fees, no strings attached. In the last year, your support helped KPB see a record number of visitors, page views, and a significant increase in repeat visitors to the site. We are excited about extending our impact in the coming year with two major projects that your donation is instrumental in helping us complete: 

Project 1

A needs assessment project during the 2017-18 school year with 10 Sacramento area schools to get updated information about the barriers faced by current high school aged athletes and their families who are interested in knowing more about the college baseball recruiting process. The information from this project will help inform KPB’s resources and ensure those resources address the needs that are impacting the ability of youth ballplayers to play in college. 

Project 2

An upgraded version of The improvements to the new website will include mobile capabilities, improved user navigability, as well as a new Recruiting 101 section, aimed at providing recruits with a self-guided, step-by-step road map to finding a college fit.

We appreciate your support and are excited to have you join our 40 Man Roster!

Hall of Fame Donors

The Wilson Family

The Heinig Family

40 Man Roster Donors

The Elyse Nolan Foundation

Tom Briner

Scott Heinig Youth Baseball Fund

How Great is Life Today 2017



DHS Class of ’06 Reunion

The Egan Family


Eric Drobny

Annual Giants Game Crew

Dean and Lori Johnson